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Pre-paid Plans

Choosing a pre-paid funeral plan is a cost effective and secure way to ensure that at the time of need your funeral wishes are planned and paid in advance at today’s prices.  It’s a thoughtful decision to make arrangements easier for your family at the time of need and make what could be a distressing time much simpler as we will already have your instructions in hand.

What’s the benefit of a Golden Charter Pre-paid Funeral Plan from an independent family funeral directors like Hearnden-Smith & Daughters.

Taking the decision now to plan your funeral today will not only secure the funeral costs at today’s prices which is a sound financial decision in this uncertain financial climate. Going back just 10 years has seen the funeral costs rise 60% with many cemeteries and crematoriums owned by the local authorities.

Arranging a Hearnden-Smith and Daughters funeral plan with Golden Charter lets you fix the funeral directors services at today’s prices, putting your mind at rest with the knowledge that when our services are required your family can be put at ease knowing that the funeral costs are arranged and paid for in advance.

Give your family the comfort and reassurance that when the time arises your funeral is pre-planned.

Another major benefit of a Hearnden-Smith & Daughters pre-paid funeral plan from Golden Charter is knowing that not only are the financial aspect taken care of but also importantly there are arrangements in place in order that we the Funeral Director have a plan of action with yours and your family’s wishes to the criteria of the service required making the process much easier for the remaining family leaving them to focus on each other at this most difficult time.

Planning your arrangements.

There are a number of different funeral plans to choose from depending on budgets and preferences.  We at Hearnden-Smith & Daughters recommend the Independent Way Funeral Plans as we believe this gives you maximum choice and lets you plan thing your way.  Of course if you prefer there are set menu plans available at fixed costs as well.  With either options you can arrange the basics or the entire service, down to the kind of music you’d like played, there’s no charge to update your plan if you change your mind at a later stage, perhaps different music, or venue or if you move away your Golden Charter Plan can be moved with you.

Is my funeral plan secure.

Yes your plan is secure. When you take out a Hearnden-Smith & Daughters Funeral Directors pre-paid funeral plan you have the reassurance that your investment is protected.  Your money is invested to ensure that, whatever happens, there will be sufficient funds available for your funeral to take place, providing protection against inflation, rising costs, or any change to Hearnden-Smith & Daughters or Golden Charters company status.

We recommend Indpendent Way Funeral Plans from Golden Charter letting you choose the funeral you want, your way.

Taking out a pre-paid funeral plan with Hearnden-Smith & Daughters Funeral Directors is a simple and thoughtful way to provide for your family and take care of things you rather not pass on after you’ve gone, such as the stress of making detailed arrangements and finding funds to secure your funeral service.

Taking out a funeral plan is one of the most thoughtful decisions you could make………..