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Specialists in Worldwide Repatriations

In modern days we are a society ‘on the move’, a global community, with many people moving away from their country of origin, be it for work, for love, for recreation, or to serve for their country.  In the main, there is little thought given to what happens in the event of death, and what this means in terms of bringing a loved one back home following their passing to their final resting place.

At Hearnden–Smith & Daughters we understand how hard it can be when a loved one passes away abroad and how it may be further complicated by the addition of different languages, time zones and local traditions.

Our team are here to guide you through every step of the process and make all arrangements on your behalf. We will organise all legal documentation, permits and transportation from ground to air for your loved one, making the repatriation process as smooth and stress free as possible and allowing you and your family time to concentrate on the finer details.

Please contact our Team  on 020 8421 2202 for further details